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Product Overview

(Active substances: ioxynil as the octanoate ester)

Totril is a selective post-emergence contact herbicide for broad-leaved weed control in onions, leeks, shallots and garlic.

Why Totril?

Weed control in allium crops continues to be a challenging problem with the reduction in available products. Totril has recently been re-registered and continues to provide you with a valuable weed control option.

Getting the best from Totril

Weeds may be sprayed post-emergence from cotyledon stage (flexible-dose programme) up to six true leaves (full dose). For best results the largest weeds should not be beyond the fully expanded cotyledon stage at spraying.

Totril may also be applied as a flexible dose programme depending upon crop and weed growth stage. This is particularly appropriate where climatic or cultural conditions result in ‘flushes’ of weeds, or when there is early weed emergence before the crop is fully hardened. The application rate should be adjusted to take into account crop safety and weed susceptibility.

Important things to remember

  • Totril should NOT to be applied by hand-held equipment.
  • Avoid drift onto neighbouring crops. Susceptible crops are beans, brassicas (including oilseed rape), carrots, legumes, lettuce, tomatoes and other horticultural crops

Totril as part of a programme

Totril can follow approved pre-emergence herbicide and/or approved post-emergence herbicide treatment(s).